This program is part of Personalized Services International - Travel Agency Division, a travel hosting company.

Our Travel Affiliate Program is the right fit for you to use our websites to increase your opportunity to earn income and expand your business and network.

Our program is thriving, and those who have signed up make from $5K to $100K of passive income per month.

Our travel affiliate program offers a myriad of opportunities and benefits that are worth considering. Let’s explore why joining our travel affiliate program could be advantageous for your family, a business, or social media influencers.

First, understanding what a travel affiliate program is essential. It’s a partnership between Personalized Services International, LLC, and an affiliate marketer, a family, and a social media influencer who promotes and sells travel services in exchange for a commission. Now, let’s delve/drive into the benefits.


1. One of the notable benefits of a travel affiliate program is revenue generation, and you can make unlimited amounts of money!

2. Affiliate program partnerships are lucrative, allowing individuals and businesses to earn significant passive income. Every time a customer books a travel service through the affiliate’s website or unique link, a commission is earned. In a time where online transactions have become the norm, the potential to make significant returns is vast.

3. The easy setup is another enticing benefit. Unlike many business ventures, beginning our travel affiliate program doesn’t necessitate a huge capital investment. Our travel affiliate program requires a one-time fee of $800.00 and without any recurring fees monthly or yearly.
This ease in start-up reduces financial risk while inviting the possibility of high returns.

4. Our travel affiliate programs expand your ability to reach others and help them see the world.
Your travel affiliate website provides you an opportunity to develop a strong online presence, expand one’s customer base, and establish a foothold in the international market space.

5. The benefit of social media influencers is unmatched and gives you the benefit of content diversification. By joining our travel affiliate program, one can provide relevant and engaging content that adds value to your social medical platform. When the content published relates to the advertised travel services or products, it captures the interests of the website visitors, potentially leading to more bookings and higher earnings. A customized website that will track bookings through a unique website tracking ID.  This site can carry your logo and name for the website.

6. The major benefit is that you save money on your travel around the world while you get exposure to various cultures and travel trends, enhance your travel knowledge, and broaden your insights on over cultures. In addition to profits, there are opportunities for personal growth and development. Associating with a promising industry boosts long-term security for an affiliate’s earnings.

7. We donate 50% of the commissions paid via the website to your non-profit organization, and you make money without any additional cost. These donations are paid out on average 30-45 days after customers have traveled. For-profit companies are paid commissions, which are taxable income. Therefore, please consult a financial advisor or accountant.

8. Affiliated with our Host Travel Agency, our buying power enables you to offer deals, discounts, and specials on most types of travel designed to fit any vacation budget, from economy to luxury.

9. Make money for your family by booking your travel and saving money at the same time.

10. There are numerous advantages to joining the Personalized Services International Travel Affiliate Program. We will provide you with a quick list of additional benefits of joining our program.

  • A very low startup cost for the logo and website: $800.00
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Year Agent Fees
  • No heavy-lifting for the Administration of the website
  • No Hosting Fees for the website
  • No Domain renewal fees
  • FREE donation for Not-For-Profits
  • Extra Income for families
  • Additional Stream of Income For Marketers and Influencers
  • Save Money on Traveling
  • Group Booking Discounts
  • 50% commission split for travel booked on your website (Not including Flights)

Here is a quick list of the Top 12 Active websites making money


We want to say you hit the easy button or you are traveling down the gold-build road (“The Yellow Brick Road”) by joining our program; however, your opportunity to earn passive income and expand market reach and content diversification, to personal growth and the potential to be part of a resilient and evolving industry is the major benefit of joining our program… And, you can make unlimited amounts of money! Like any venture, it requires work and consistency, but those willing to invest the time and effort can reap the rich rewards our travel affiliate program offers. If you’re seeking a powerful avenue to monetize your digital platform, make money for your family, or bring extra income into your organization, our program is for you. If you are an Association, Business, Church, Family, Group, Marketer, Not-For-Profit Organization, Social Media Influencer, or Religious Organization, we have the right program to help you venture into the travel industry to make commissions you should seek out signing up for our low-cost program because our travel affiliate program should be at the top of your list.

Lastly, Our travel affiliate programs aid in establishing strong relationships between businesses. We help you build your website with blog posts and links to our websites to assist you in gaining free traffic to your website. Joining our travel affiliate program will help you build trust with your network of customers and social media followers.

These strong relationships are beneficial for both the travel business and the affiliate, creating opportunities for larger projects, increased sales, and more significant commissions.

Despite the listed benefits, it’s prudent to consider some challenges that may lurk within, such as the competition in the market and the need for continuous content creation to keep the audience engaged. However, with the right strategies and persistence, these challenges can be transformed into stepping stones to success.


We will need a short paragraph about the company for the “About Us” page. Go to to check Travel Domain Names that fit your company name, association, or family.

Please note that the travel group website is not finished, but the layout on this website is at 90%. Let me know if you need additional information. This additional information can be sent to

There is a requirement to complete an IRS W-9 Form for commission payments. This requirement doesn’t apply to for-not-profits and religious organizations because all money from the website is donated to that organization. If a commission of $500 or more is received in the tax year, all partnerships/affiliates will receive a 1099 Form. This is a tax law that we are not about to circumvent.

If you wish to learn more about this program or sign up, feel free to visit:

Click the payment button below to sign up to make more money than your dream and travel the world

Travel Affiliate Program – Payment

Travel Affiliate Program

You can join from any of our travel affiliate websites. We look forward to you joining our program.

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